Become a Water Ninja

So if you're here you must already be a ninja and fire ninja and want to earn more power and master the element of water! That's right I'm talking about becoming a Water Ninja! Follow this guide and you'll become a Water Ninja in no time!

First of course go to and into the dojo.

Once inside to straight forward into the door with the water emblem on it. This clearly indicates it is the water dojo where you will learn how to become a Water Ninja.

Once inside the dojo you will see that it is similar to the fire dojo with 4 mats and sensei in the middle of the room. This dojo contains two 2 player mats, one 3 player mat and a 4 player mat.

Legend: The Water Suit


To get started click on Sensei and talk to him.

Then click "Earn your Water Suit"

 Once entered you will have to race through the obstacles and reach the gong first. Pick a card from the bottom of your screen and use it to clear the way of the opposing element, you may have to use more than one card to clear a way. Click an empty glowing stone to move forward. You can move to any stone that is glowing.

Once you have earned your Water Suit you will be able to verse sensei. Do this by clicking on the "Challenge Sensei" button.

Once you defeat Sensei you will receive the Water Gem for you amulet.

Congratulations! You are now a full Water Ninja! Use this power to flow gently yet fast like water and use this speed as an advantage against your opponents.


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