Treasure Book Answers

Book Answers

The first time you unlock a book, you’ll receive blue book with 1500 coins, all the other books you unlock you'll earn 2000 coins each time you unlock one.

1. Go to the Login page for Club Penguin and log in.

2. Click on the Unlock items online button in the top right on the server page.

3. Select “I have a Book.”

4. Click on the Book you want to unlock.

5. Enter a book code from the list below.

6. If it doesn’t have the right question, click go back and start over again.


The Official Guide Book To Club Penguin
Stowaway! Adventures At Sea
The Inventor’s Apprentice
Secret Agent Handbook
Star Reporter
The Official Stage Playbook
The Great Puffle Switch
The Awesome Official Guide To Club Penguin
Dancing With Cadence
Card-Jitsu Handbook
Club Penguin Official Annual 2012
Before Card-Jitsu: The Ninja Quest
Puffle Whisperer
Club Penguin Official Annual 2013
The Epic Official Guide To Club Penguin
PH’s Great Puffle Search


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