Become a Snow Ninja

Becoming a Snow Ninja is your last and final step to complete your amulet and master all the elements of Card-Jitsu. This guide will help you complete your journey and make you a Snow Ninja. Just follow this guide!

First go to and into the Dojo.

Once inside, go to the door on the right of your screen. The door will have a snow emblem on it and this clearly indicated the Snow Dojo.

The Snow Dojo is the only dojo without training mats and Sensei. There is only a bridge leading to battle and a cave leading to battling Tusk. If you haven't earned your whole snow suit the Tusk battle tunnel will be blocked off by a huge stone.(Top Image) If not it will be open for battle.(Bottom Image)

You will also get to choose an elemental ninja to battle as. Each Ninja has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Water ninja has a good amount of moving to squares around it, can't move very far but packs a massive hit! The Snow Ninja can move a big distance, but it's attack is very weak but can heal injured ninjas. The Fire Ninja has an equal amount for each Move, Range and Attack points.

You have 3 different types of opponents. Sly, Scrap and Tank.(From Weakest to Strongest)

After you have defeated enough enemies to have a full Snow Suit(then you'll earn the Snow Gem), you will now be able to challenge Tusk. You can challenge Tusk by going into the big cave on the left.

These are some tips on how to defeat Tusk if you are having any difficulties.

If you have defeated Tusk and collected the Snow gem then you are now a full Snow Ninja and have likely completed your amulet!

Congratulations! You are now a full snow ninja and likely have mastered all the elements! You are now so powerful, even you don't know exactly how powerful you are! 
But the Ninja Journey doesn't stop here! Defeat Tusk, battle with the other snow minions and you'll receive some great rewards!


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