Blue Puffle

Attitude: Loyal, content and mild-tempered
Cool Fact: Easy to care for
Favorite Toys: Balls
Favorite Food: Pretzels
Favorite Game: None

Red Puffle

Attitude: Adventurous, enthusiastic, courageous
Cool Fact: Originally for Rockhopper Island
Favorite Toys: Bowling Pins and Cannon
Favorite Food: Stinky Cheese
Favorite Game: Catchin' Waves, Puffle Launch

Pink Puffle

Attitude: Active, cheery
Cool Fact: Loves to exercise 
Favorite Toys: Jump rope, Trampoline
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Favorite Game: Aqua Grabber
Black Puffle

Attitude: Intense, strong, silent-type
Cool Fact: Sometimes very energetic
Favorite Toys: Skateboard, Hot Sauce 
Favorite Food: Fish Burger
Favorite Game: Cart Surfer

Green Puffle

Attitude: Energetic, playful
Cool Fact: Likes to clown around
Favorite Toys: Unicycle, Propeller cap, Balls
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Game: Jet pack Adventure

Purple Puffle

Attitude: Happy, fabulous, diva
Cool Fact: Loves to dance
Favorite Toys: Bubble wand, Disco ball, Star glasses
Favorite Food: Hummus & Pita
Favorite Game: Dance Contest

Yellow Puffle

Attitude: Artistic, spontaneous
Cool Fact: Very creative
Favorite Toys: Paintbrush, easel
Favorite Food: Popcorn
Favorite Game: DJ3K

White Puffle

Attitude: Gentle, strong, shy
Cool Fact: Can turn anything into ice with a breath
Favorite Toys: Ice skates, Frozen Wave, Snowcloud
Favorite Food: Yogurt Parfait 
Favorite Game: None

Orange Puffle

Attitude: Zany, curious
Cool Fact: Sleeps very deeply
Favorite Toys: Box, Wagon
Favorite Food: Socks
Favorite Game: None

Brown Puffle

Attitude: Super Smart, inventive
Cool Fact: Afraid of balloons
Favorite Toys: Beakers, Rockets
Favorite Food: Astronaut Ice Cream 
Favorite Game: Puffle Launch

Rainbow Puffle

Attitude: Confident, regal
Cool Fact: Farts sparkles
Favorite Toys: Clouds
Favorite Food: Rainbow Lollipop
Favorite Game: None

Gold Puffle

Attitude: Lucky, energetic
Cool Fact: Hide-and-Seek Champion
Favorite Toys: Jackhammer
Favorite Food: Chocolate coins covered in gold foil
Favorite Game: None

Blue Border Collie

Attitude: Loyal, mischievous
Cool Fact: Loves to chase the Orange Tabby Cat
Puffle Base: Blue Puffle
Animal Inspiration: Border Collie
Orange Tabby Cat

Attitude: Curious, demanding
Cool Fact: Loves to hide in tiny spaces
Puffle Base: Orange Puffle
Animal Inspiration: Tabby Cat


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