How to adopt a Rainbow Puffle

Before trying to adopt a Rainbow Puffle there are a couple of things you need first. You'll need to be a member and already have adopted a puffle from the Pet Shop. After you have these things then you are ready!

First go to the Plaza then go inside the Puffle Hotel.

Once inside click on the little paper with the tick on it at the bottom right-hand corner.

Doing so this page will open. This is your task page. Once you finish one task you must then wait 20 minutes for the next. You must complete all 4 tasks to unlock the cannon.

Once you have finished all the tasks you must then use the cannon on the rooftop. Once you have reached the cloud forest click on the tree stump and a random rainbow puffle will choose you as their owner.

You will then be able to name it and adopt it!

Congratulations you now have a Rainbow Puffle!


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