How to adopt a Gold Puffle

Before trying to adopt a Rainbow Puffle there are a couple of things you need first. You'll need to be a member and already have adopted a puffle from the Pet Shop. After you have these things then you are ready!

First go to the Plaza then go inside the Pet Shop.

Next click on the Gold O'Berries machine

Insert 10 coins into the machine. Exit out of the machine now and your puffle will eat the Gold O'Berry. It will now be able to dig up golden nuggets. You will need these nuggets to put into the golden jackhammer to get your puffle. You must find at least 15 golden nuggets. Once you have enough nuggets go to the gold mine.

Insert your golden nuggets into the jackhammer.

The jackhammer will then crack open the ground and revive a golden puffle!

The golden puffle will then hop down to you and you will be able to name it and adopt it now.

Congratulations, you now have a Gold Puffle!


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