Become an EPF Agent

So you're new and probably wondering "What's so special about the Everyday Phoning Facility?". Well what you didn't or do know is that this building is the headquarters to a secret agency of spies called the Elite Penguin Force (EPF). Everyone can join and you can to by following this guide and these steps!

You must be at least 1 day old to join. Once you are 1 day old go to the Ski Village and enter the Everyday Phoning Facility.

Once you enter the phone on the phone booth should be ringing and have a flashing red light above it. Click on it.

You will then receive a message from The Director informing you that the island needs you. Press yes to continue.

Next you will be able to obtain the Spy Phone. Click "Add phone" to obtain it.

Your phone will automatically be placed on the bottom left-hand corner of you screen, right above the map.

After the current events you will be able to access the headquarters of EPF.

Once entered you will be able to play the games System Defender and Spy Drills.

Completing challenges in Spy Drills will allow you to obtain Medals which can be used to buy spy gear on your Spy Phone.

Members are allowed to get all of the agent gear while non-members are only allowed to get the EPF-Earpiece for 2 medals.

Congratulations, you are now an EPF Agent! Have fun and protect the island from the secret headquarters and good luck!


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