To take care of your puffle you will first have to bring your puffle inside if it is in your backyard. To do so click on your puffle then press the icon on the right. Once your puffle in inside click on it again and press the niddle button to care for your puffle.

Once you click on your care button it will then open your caring center where you can feed and take care of you puffle to keep it healthy and prevent it from running away.

At the top of the page there are icons with different pictures on them. Each icon is different and helps to take care of your puffle. There is a Food, Play, Groom, Rest and Wardrobe icon.

You can feed your puffle their favorite foods here. You can dig for your puffles favorite foods or buy food at the Pet Shop.
Food Icon
You can keep your puffle happy by playing with them using their favorite toys. Buy more toys at the Pet Shop
Play Icon
Keep your puffle nice and clean by washing them and brushing them
Groom Icon
Make sure to make your puffle rest!
Rest Icon
You can also personalize your puffle by putting hats on it. You can unlock hats at parties or buy them at the Pet Shop.
Wardrobe Icon
To see if your puffle is healthy or not check it's stats on the left of the page. If any or all of the stats are half-way or more full then your puffle is healthy. If they are less then half-way you need to give your puffle what it needs. If all the stats are almost or are empty your puffle will run away into the wilderness.

If you want to check out any other puffles and learn about them click on the purple book or if you wanna buy any puffle needs then click on the orange book on the bottom right hand corner.

If you want to see your adoption certificate, treasure hunting needs or want to return your puffle back to its natural habitat click on the icon with the ribbon. If you would like to walk your puffle then click on the leashed puffle icon above your stats bar.

If you don't wanna waist your coins buying more food or just don't have much coins you can keep your puffle healthy by playing with it at the Puffle Park or go to the Plaza and go to the Puffle Hotel.


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