Become a Ninja

Ever wanted to master the art of Card-Jitsu and become a fully fledged ninja, having the power of emitting smoke or turn invisible from just a wave? Well you've come to the right place my friend for here is your guide on how to become a ninja!

First use your map and go to the Dojo. You will then be greeted by Sensei who will give you a brief introduction on Card-Jitsu and will also give you an Amulet.

Your deck will be found at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen next to the settings(gear) button.

Each card has different elements. Fire, Water and Snow.

Once the introduction has finished you will be able to enter the Dojo where your journey begins to become a Ninja.

Once inside you will see four training mats and Sensei in the middle of the room. On the outer parts of the Dojo are the entrances to the Fire, Water and Snow Dojos.

The Legend shows you the belts that need to be collected and how far you are from the black  belt.

To begin leveling up first click on Sensei and talk to him.

Next click on Earn your belts to battle someone and earn your belts.

Once you are in battle you will then have to try and beat your opponent by either beating their element your if it is the same element you must then beat their number.

Fire - Snow - Water and repeats. To win you will need to get either one of each element or 3 of the same element, both of which need to be different colours.

Once you have leveled up to black belt you are now ready to face Sensei.

I battle Sensei you must click on Challenge Sensei. Sensei will not draw out a card until you draw out yours.

It may take a while to defeat Sensei but once you do you will receive a Ninja Mask and you will become a Ninja!
If you want to vanish you will need to become a member and buy the Ninja Outfit and Cloud Wave Bracers to vanish in a wave of clouds in the Martial Artworks catalog located in the bottom right-hand corner right above your deck.

Congratulations, you are now a full Ninja! Disappear without a trace and use your power of Card-Jitsu to beat your opponents so fast they won't even notice your gone!


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