About Puffles

What are puffles?
Puffles are cute, round, fluffy little creatures that come in many different colours and with each different colour comes a big unique personality.

When were puffles first discovered?
Puffles were first discovered in November 2005. They could be seen wondering around Club Penguin but nobody knew what they were back then. They were then called Puffles and were adoptable in March 2006 and were sold for 800 coins, then reduced to 400 coins.

How many different puffles are there?
There are 12 different kinds of puffles. Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow, White, Orange, Brown, Rainbow and Gold (In order from past discovery date to latest discovery date).

When were each puffle discovered?
The Blue, Black and Green puffles were discovered in 2005. Pink and Red were discovered in 2006. Yellow was discovered in 2007. White was discovered in 2009. Orange was discovered in 2010. Brown was discovered in 2011. Rainbow and Gold were both discovered in 2013 though Rainbow was discovered earlier in March while Gold was discovered in November.

What do puffles eat?
Puffles mainly eat O'berries and Puffle-O's but can also eat other food like pizza or apples for something a little healthier.

Where do puffles usually live?
Puffles usually live in and are found in the wilderness. They can be found around O'berry bushes. Some puffles like the Orange puffle live in different places. The orange puffle lives in the box dimension. The red puffle mainly lives on Rockhopper Island. The rainbow puffle lives in the clouds and the gold puffle lives in the ground.

Are there any other species?
There are other puffle species like the Blue Border Collie and the Orange Tabby Cat. There were also Dinosaur Puffles during the 2014 Prehistoric Party.

Can all puffles be adopted from the Pet Shop?
No, The Rainbow Puffle and the Gold Puffle are adopted by doing quests. If you would like to adopted either one of these puffles please click on the how to get a "Rainbow Puffle" or "Gold Puffle" button on the "Puffle Expert" page.


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