Sunday, 15 November 2015

Operation: Crustacean

Hi guys! This Post is about the upcoming Party

We even got a new Login screen!

Megg Posted a post on "Extreme Paint Festival"

Here is the decoded message

EPF agents, This is a red alert. You will be contacted with more information soon.
Over and out.

What? Operation Crustacean?

Yup this, is the 5th Operation of the EPF, OFFICIALLY.  I've researched deeply from the previous blackouts.. Sources...

Every 5 minutes, a penguin will be sucked by Aliens and get scared! A COINCIDENCE!!!

Look! We get sucked into the UFO!! [Fun fact- This video is 19 minutes log, this has been trimmed!]

Do you wanna get sucked? Every 5 minutes The rooms get switched.
1. Beach
2. Dock
3. Town
4. Snow forts
5. Plaza
6. Forest
7. Mine Shack
8. Ice Berg
9. Cove
10. Ski Hill
11. Ski Village.

Wow, then we get the tinfoil hat!

This is sooo suspicious! Is Herbert behind this? This evil villain may be.... Wait reminds me the other Operations! WAITTT!  How come! LET'S GOO!

Who is that Secret Meeting? Wait wait, I can sense a D, O and T! No no, It must not be dot. Must be B O T? EVIL PROBOTS!  Wait, Probots... It is my suspicious... Maybe or May be not. Who knows. Let's wait till 19th November

A true Mystery! 

Waddle on! :)


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