Sunday, 4 October 2015

Download Pack #1! [Google Drive needed]

Actually, because of difficulties, the plan changed totally. But don't worry, I'm giving the first pack. The packs will be more often don't worry! Our starting MAY be lill' cranky, but I'll move smoothly though :P

Click here to  access google drive! Copy and paste the link if it does not work

Now, If you find it tricky, follow these steps.

1. Log in your google account

2. Now, copy paste the link and go to the page and click Add to Drive

3. You will be taken to your drive, and it will be stored. It will occupy 18 MB out of 15 GB in your drive.

4. Now, highlight as much as you can and click More actions. Then hit download!

5. Your download will automatically start. Then, if you want to clear up your drive, just move them to your trash and Boo!

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