Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Super Duper Things, only By Sweety :P

Hello!!! It's like a long time no see time :P Now, as we the TheNCPC Team, have different bloggers! Idk, all of them :P, But Ash has told me there are many!! :P, This is NOT a recruitment, maybe soon we will have one.. These are the updates, [all in posts] which soon, I'll be forward to...

  • Club Penguin Cutouts pack, [Monthly] Each will have 50 cutouts :D Awesome!
  • Custom Penguins, if possible, your order will be Validated and sent to you in by the next month or It will be informed
  • And as finale, We will be MORE efficient, because My exams will be over in 23rd of September

Cutout Pack Details

Every 25th or 12th or 30th Cutout Package will be given. Sometimes exclusive packs will be given with 100 cutouts or bigger or Something Special! I'll give the first pack on 25th of September, and it is an exclusive pack :D


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  1. Woah! It's awesome.. Cant wait for it.. are you a GFX designer too?


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