Friday, 28 August 2015

Sorry! But back!+ Parties! *sparkle*

Hola amigos! Estoy de vuelta! LOL! Sorrry! I was in a Spanish mood! xD

Hi Friends! I'm Back!

I'm so sorry! I was away on a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong glitch, wait no, donkeys ugh!!!!! horses noooooooo! I mean a glitch affected my account O.o Okay whatever, donkey ughhh! I mean OKAY LETS END IT UP!

The world got into fashion! Yes Yes! Club Penguin got into faaashion! OOh I just luv fashion

Yup! It's the FASHION FESTIVAL! Till September 11th :D

Login, enter all those slow motion story!!


Welcome to the Fashiioon--- Wait what? Dot is that you????!?!!

"Yes it's her! But A New name!"
Dot the disguise gal------> DOT THE DESIGN GAL! :D

Nwiceee! Town town, Why! SO GLAMOROUS!

What's that shiny thingy! A quest? A task? MAYBE A Fashion challenge for ME? A sock? A what? A something?

*Clicktey click on that dress hanger"

DIVA! Create your outfit for next challenge! Blah Blah! DIVAAAA! MY FASHION PORTFOLIO! Well guys you'll get one too! :)

Everything Squid? Animal Kingdom? Gold and GRACEFUL? High fashion?!?!??!
wait I think EVERYTHING SQUID Is perfect forr mweeeee!

Here you will find the track of outfits you have submitted and in Sep. 11 Taa Daa!


Poo Pee See lee Time to changeee

Where is my squidy outfit!!?!? Noooooo! I wish I could show you!!!

ooh! I showed you! My caption of my squid is...

I'm a Squid who don't know to swim, I am half squid and half Fluffie! I got a do nothing feet!
Now TIME FOR SOME Sparkly Secrets

How? Simple! Go to Plaza then...

Don't you see that buoy with the surf board with arrow? Click it and SURF SURF SURF!

That's briefly everything you gotta know to finish! Since too much spoilers may hurt, Explore your own!

TheNCPC Blogger,
And Admin/owner of Sweety on Cp!


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