Friday, 17 July 2015

My Retirement from Blogging

I'm sorry to do this.
But the time is right I had to retired from blogging.

I have alot of funtime blogging in NCPC for a while. I'm tired of going round and round from life, this ends my career of blogging. Not really. But that's not end here. After all, I been though alot of hard time and responsibility is the key to keep updates alive.

I would like to thank you of my fellow Co-bloggers/workers in this wonderful blog. Without you, I couldn't go blog about Club Penguin updates and more. Nor would know CP alone.

I came to end my career as retired blogger.

~Once again, thank you!

-Rockstar1819/Rockerflip, Retired CP Blogger... Signing off.


  1. Bye brother! Hope to see you again in future! :) And all the best for your future :)

  2. Bye Rock! I'll miss you! I am not in CP Armies now a days, and I hope your in! I remember the fun when you visited IW and when I visited ACP, after I left IW, you were my only hope to remember about the fun I had in IW. So sad to see you go, and I'll never forget you! Bye friend! :)


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