Sunday, 28 June 2015

All PSA Missions are out!

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2 weeks ago, Club Penguin revealed to us that PSA Missions are back. They are possibly bringing the Sports Shop too. All of the missions are unlocked now! Go and try your skills.

Take the action!
The PSA Mission List: Sneak Peek!

Mission #1: Case of the Missing Puffles- Find all Aunt Arctic's puffles. In this mission, you need find the puffles. Do you know what it takes?

Mission #2: G's Secret Mission- Test Gary's prototype sled and survive the wilderness, learn the survival. You ready to the challenge?

Mission #3: Case of the Missing Coins- Even more worst than Puffles, this time coins! The orders is in you, Agent! Without the coins the Gift Shop will have no money and profit.

Mission #4: Avalache Rescue- 4 Penguins had been stuck into the mountain side and waiting for rescue. It is up to you to rescue them and save the day, Will you risk your life for them?

Mission #5: Secret of the Fur- Find the mystery behide the furs, the secret are needed to be solved and awaits for answers. Ready?

Mission #6: Questions for a crab- Gary invented a translating device, Meet him at the Gadget Room to see the invention. Seek new orders. Stand by.

Mission #7: Clorkwork Repair- Unusual mission, the goal is find the missing parts, PSA is counting on you to fix the Clock Tower, so everything will be back to normal. Will you stand guard for the mission?

Mission #8: Mysterious Tremors- Club Penguin is shaken by an earthquake. The mission is in you, Agent. Find the source of the quake and restore things to normal!

Mission #9: Operation Spy & Seek- Stop the polar bear, Herbert. The mastermind of crimes in CP.  Your mission stop and track him down.

Mission #10: Waddle Squad- Stop Herbert from taking the precious Golden Puffle, orders are within. This is serious, go on brother! Can you the dare?

Mission #11: Veggie Villian- The ultimate Mission of all. Can you stop Herbert from undercovering PSA from secrecy. Will you do it?

Next Thursday, I will give the walkthrough all of the missions.

~Rockstar, NCPC Author


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