Sunday, 24 May 2015

uPlayEve - a brand new CPPS!

Hello guys!

I suppose some of you remember me - I was the second owner of The NCPC. Sadly, I've moved off CP - and did my own one. Welcome to uPlayEve! We have got a lot of features to enjoy, monthly parties and so on! This is not a CPPS blog, so this is sort of a like an advertisement. We have mascots who visit regularly, and a special EXCLUSIVE mascot, who's the another creator of uPlayEve (I am the first one). He visits daily and when he comes on, everybody shouts "TEDDYY!!!".

So - briefly - a short, one minute video:

So, here's another one, on a party with +Teddy:

There's more - but you have to see on your own.

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