Thursday, 21 May 2015

The 500th! Issue of Club Penguin Times

Hello NCPC!

Rockerflip Here with the latest update!

The official 500th issue of CP Times is out now. Headlines for today,  Rookie will be coming to the fair as guest/mascot 
for the party, as usual it will be fun and more excitingToday is THE FAIR, thats right folk this is the update for today!
Woo Hoo! The 500th issue of Club Penguin Times is out!

The continued part of the headline.
Aunt Arctic, CP Times Head Editor or something with EPF Director.
Marking the 500 of CP Times!
Seems odd, but im really curious atm.

Comic features Gammal Gal and Shadow Guy!
Some tips to help you fly like a pro!

This is,
Rockstar1819/Rockerflip, NCPC Author


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