Saturday, 9 May 2015


Hey Penguins See this delightful post given by Megg! I am really happy!
Big news folks!
To celebrate the rainbow puffle coming to the Club Penguin app. EVERYONE that logs in to the app from May 21 to June 3 will be able to adopt the rainbow puffle FOR FREE! How great is that? So great.

The best part? Players who currently don 't have a membership and adopted a rainbow puffle during the two weeks of the party.will still get to walk and play with their puffle after the celebration is over! :D
Remember! The rainbow puffle will be free for everyone from May 21 to June 3, only on the Club Penguin app.

What do you think of everyone being able to celebrate the party by adopting the rainbow puffle for free?

Waddle on, 
-Club Penguin team

Thats not great thats SUPER GREAT! Non members getting rainbow puffles and for free not a coin lost! Ya hoo! 

Waddle on!


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