Thursday, 21 May 2015

Club Penguin: Fair Party 2015

Hello! :)
Club Penguin Fair Party 2015 and Rainbow Puffle Party 2015 has been started on Club Penguin now. You can check Fair Party from your PC and Rainbow Puffle Party from your phone app. Which one do you like the most? Don't forget to comment about them. :)
Let's take a look at Fair Party 2015:

This is how Fair map looks like:~ You can even switch it to normal CP island too. So, No worries! :)

When you login, Rookie appears and welcomes you:

You can collect (purchase) prizes by paying tickets. You can open the list by clicking that Ticket icon (showed in above picture)
Member Prizes:

 Non-Member Prizes:

You can also transform in 4 different characters only and only if you are a member. They looks amazing. Buy now membership for your penguin by clicking here.

The Penguin Band's show: It's damn amazing. I don't know why.. lol
Know more about Penguin Band by clicking here

Well, 'Rap Is Cool' is one of my accounts. So, the screenshots are genuine. ;)
~Bunny Boy19


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