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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Penguin OF THE WEEK Goes to...

So who is the Penguin of the Week? (I was hoping a 101% it could me but it was not me! lol) The Penguin...of....the....week..... is....... (Too much suspense Eh?)

So you want that background and 10,000 coins? (Well I want...) 

Do not feel shy to comment below!

-Sweety56789, THENCPC Blogger

Yes! Happy News! Puffle Berry Mall!

Hey! Guess what? The Puffle Berry Mall is gonna remain FOREVER! Sadly our stage is gonna move out. So go and get the stamp... Or that 's it!+ You can get the stage furniture to keep a reminder of it!

Have fun!
-Sweety56789, THENCPC Blogger

Monday, 25 May 2015

ONLY EPF AGENTS... (anyone can view just for a little lol)

Greetings Agent, you have an important message awaiting. Click Read more.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Hiya guysss! I am really really really really really really really really very very very very very very very very very very sooooooooooooooooooorry for not posting for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time. I was on a vacation and I could not get to the internet. Anyway just to say you I'm baaaaaaaaaack from a looooooooooooooooooooong holidaaaaaaay! Okie,okie,okie let meeee come to the maaaaaaaaaaaain topiiiiiiiiic!!!!

So you wanted to know the penguin who got the POTW? Well it is a penguin not a dinosaur... So the Penguin Of The Week gooooes toooooooooo... (OK OK really a lot of suspense I agree agree) Pelacuitas!!!!!!!!!! (Pelacuitas if you see this CONGRAAAAAAAAAATS!)

As usual try to get the POTW! You get an exclusive background.... and 10,000 COINS!! Is not that cool? (Yeah thats too cool)

Byeeee for now! but I will beeeeee back!
Anyway stay TUNED for further updates! :D

Sweety56789, Thencpc blogger.

uPlayEve - a brand new CPPS!

Hello guys!

I suppose some of you remember me - I was the second owner of The NCPC. Sadly, I've moved off CP - and did my own one. Welcome to uPlayEve! We have got a lot of features to enjoy, monthly parties and so on! This is not a CPPS blog, so this is sort of a like an advertisement. We have mascots who visit regularly, and a special EXCLUSIVE mascot, who's the another creator of uPlayEve (I am the first one). He visits daily and when he comes on, everybody shouts "TEDDYY!!!".

So - briefly - a short, one minute video:

So, here's another one, on a party with +Teddy:

There's more - but you have to see on your own.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Rainbow Party 2015 [Only on CP App]

Hello NCPC!

Rockerflip/Rockstar here!

The Cloud Forest, where you can adopt
your free rainbow puffle!
(In order to get in the room,
take the cannons if you seem to notice on
Town and Plaza) Look Below!
The Fair was supposed to be in the CP App too. But unfortunately, the team find it difficult to replicate the one in CP. So they decided to have this instead  Today, I bring sneak peek into the party 
PS: Ignore the thing above and
look at the Forts instead.
The Town

~Rockstar/Rockerflip, NCPC Author!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Club Penguin: Fair Party 2015

Hello! :)
Club Penguin Fair Party 2015 and Rainbow Puffle Party 2015 has been started on Club Penguin now. You can check Fair Party from your PC and Rainbow Puffle Party from your phone app. Which one do you like the most? Don't forget to comment about them. :)
Let's take a look at Fair Party 2015:

This is how Fair map looks like:~ You can even switch it to normal CP island too. So, No worries! :)

When you login, Rookie appears and welcomes you:

You can collect (purchase) prizes by paying tickets. You can open the list by clicking that Ticket icon (showed in above picture)
Member Prizes:

 Non-Member Prizes:

You can also transform in 4 different characters only and only if you are a member. They looks amazing. Buy now membership for your penguin by clicking here.

The Penguin Band's show: It's damn amazing. I don't know why.. lol
Know more about Penguin Band by clicking here

Well, 'Rap Is Cool' is one of my accounts. So, the screenshots are genuine. ;)
~Bunny Boy19

The 500th! Issue of Club Penguin Times

Hello NCPC!

Rockerflip Here with the latest update!

The official 500th issue of CP Times is out now. Headlines for today,  Rookie will be coming to the fair as guest/mascot 
for the party, as usual it will be fun and more excitingToday is THE FAIR, thats right folk this is the update for today!
Woo Hoo! The 500th issue of Club Penguin Times is out!

The continued part of the headline.
Aunt Arctic, CP Times Head Editor or something with EPF Director.
Marking the 500 of CP Times!
Seems odd, but im really curious atm.

Comic features Gammal Gal and Shadow Guy!
Some tips to help you fly like a pro!

This is,
Rockstar1819/Rockerflip, NCPC Author

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Club Penguin: Sled Racer App Bug

Hiya penguins! Yesterday, When I was uninstalling the Sled Racer App, I thought to play it last time but when I played, I found two bugs. I hope Club Penguin support team will fix them soon.
Continue watching video :~

Already sent an email to CP team regarding this problem. Let's wait for their reply. I have uninstalled the app, so let me know if the bugs are fixed or not. :)
Also, Don't forget to share! :)
~Bunny Boy19

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Issue #499 of CP Times


Rockerflip Here!

 Today, I'll be showing you the lastest Club Penguin Times newspapre issue. Since it is Thursday, another issue of it has has released recently, so here it is.

The issue #499
The Message when you click it!
Note: This is the continuing the part,
This is so interesting, the history of the Fair

The Second Part!

~Rockstar, NCPC Author

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Send your Icey drawings till May 18!! :)

Hi Penguins! So Club Penguin have asked us to make Fan art! So this time what? So excited? Actually me too. This month Club Penguin asked us to go back into the history! Yes! The amazing Ice sculptures from the Festive of Snow parties back in 2007 and 2009!

There are awesome! Now the team has asked YOU to draw and send them.. Even you can use past year 's art work to make new ones.. You can send it by clicking this link here

Anyway guys that 's it but stay tuned for updates...

Bye for now,

Club Penguin: This Caption, The Fair 2015


I will give you update today, about the awesome Caption for The Fair 2015. I wonder what is it? About it you can see a bubble visible in the caption. ROAR or RAWR? I guess :P! You can imagine aything to put in it, 

This is the caption:

What do you think Club Penguin Pals?
~Rockstar, NCPC Blogger.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pssst! Top secret message!

Greetings Agents! Rookie, gave us a message how to introduce new recruits in EPF.

Heya agents. This month , introduce yourself to new recruits. I'm Rookie. It 's my name and my rank! I'm the communications lead.

Good, follow rules its simple

Waddle on!


Hey Penguins See this delightful post given by Megg! I am really happy!
Big news folks!
To celebrate the rainbow puffle coming to the Club Penguin app. EVERYONE that logs in to the app from May 21 to June 3 will be able to adopt the rainbow puffle FOR FREE! How great is that? So great.

The best part? Players who currently don 't have a membership and adopted a rainbow puffle during the two weeks of the party.will still get to walk and play with their puffle after the celebration is over! :D
Remember! The rainbow puffle will be free for everyone from May 21 to June 3, only on the Club Penguin app.

What do you think of everyone being able to celebrate the party by adopting the rainbow puffle for free?

Waddle on, 
-Club Penguin team

Thats not great thats SUPER GREAT! Non members getting rainbow puffles and for free not a coin lost! Ya hoo! 

Waddle on!

Whose the POTW?

Hey Penguins,you have been waiting for and here is it! The POTW goes to.. Michelle3589. Here is how Daffodaily5 wrote about her.

Everybody should have a study buddy-someone who 's happy to help you learn and grow, whether at school or on Club Penguin! Michelle3589 helps her friends study, and she 's always there for them  when they need support. What a brill friend to have!

Do you know a penguin deserves to be POTW? Leave a comment telling us why! Winners receive
10,000 coins and the POTW Background 

- Club Penguin Team

Awesome Michelle3589! You need to get that too! Because getting 10,000 coins is not easy!

Waddle on!

New Log in screen!

Hey Club Penguin fans! Club Penguin changed their Log in screen for giving Ads to the Clothing Catalog , Penguin Style! See for yourself the fantastic one they created!!!

Waddle on!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Club Penguin: Fair 2015

Hello Penguins!
It's been a while I posted on the blog, First of all sorry for it! :)
Aaaannnnddddd.. Club penguin today updated their cover photo of their Facebook page and on Twitter also which is about The Fair, the upcoming party. With no further ados, Have a look at the picture:

********It was also shown in one of the videos uploaded by Club Penguin on their blog********
I don't know what Klutzy the crab doing there, maybe Herbert is coming back for the revenge! :D :O
Excited? Don't forget to comment and share!

Until then, Waddle On!

Featured Fan Art of the month!-April 2015

Howdy Penguin Pals, get ready to see some sweet drawings! Its the featured fan art selected by the Club Penguin Team! The theme is Sled Racer.

I hope your come too! 
Anyway Stay Tuned for updates... and
Waddle on!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Whats new on the newspaper?

Hola Penguin Pals! The newspaper is great! Club Penguin times is great to read! Have you started reading?

Issue:467 (33 more!!) Date released: April 30th 2015

 Featured Story: Anna 's big Party!

By Aunt Artic- Club Penguin wants to join Queen Elsa in celebrating Anna 's Upcoming birthday. We 're all excited for the party! 

Here are some birthday messages from her friends around the island. YAY CAKE!

Anna 's Big Party continued 

Rookie: Happy Birthday! I love birthdays. I'm gonna have three this year

Gary the Gadget Guy: I have predicted a 99.51% chance you 'll have a great year!

Rockhopper: I be wishin ' I could raise a mug 'o cream soda with ye at the party, Anna!

PH: Have a bonza day! And thanks for all your help wrangling the snowgies!

DJ Cadence: Anna! We gonna party like it 's your birthday! 'Cause it is!

Klutzy the Crab: Clickety-click. Click Click click! :D

Sensei: Grasshopper Anna, celebrate every birthday the same way you enhoy noddles. With much noise and great appreciation.

And, of course, a very happy birthday from me and the Club Penguin Times! 

Enjoy the rest of the Frozen Party everyone.

Next is for EPF Agents... (lol you can read it too)

The Art of Disguise 

By Dot the Disguise Gal- Club Penguin is a fantastic place to practice your disguise skills. Even if you 're not an EPF stealth agent,you should keep your skills sharp. You never know when you 'll need to hide from a rogue robot.

  • Hide behind objects-and make them talk! This can server as a simple distraction to keep the villains guessing where you really are. You can try it out on the snowman in the Snow Forts or the stone puffles outside of the Dojo
  • Wear a costume and blend in. No one will look twice at a tree in the Forest. Expect maybe the monkeys that keep showing up there
  • Create an igloo with lots of hiding places. You can practice your stealth skills with your friends. Take turns hiding us stealth agents and seeking as the big bad bear, Herbert!
Hmm Dot thats cool to hear.. Anyway lets move to our next one

News Flash!

Check out the Palace in the Dock for a tour of where the royalty live. Or just slide down the banister!

Next one!

Upcoming Events

May 7- Penguin Style
Great new fashions coming to the Clothes Shop,

May 7-  Furniture & Igloo Catalog
New furniture for that shiny new igloo!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 
Next pin hidden: May 14- May 27

Great! I am looking forward for those events! (the present pin is the Spring Flower pin in the Mine Shack)

Ask Aunt Artic!

This time question is selected from Sue Perfan.

How do I get all the Frozen Items?
-Sue Perfan
 I'm glad to hear you 're so keen on them, Sue! You can collect free items by finding magic snowflakes around the island.

But I imagine a dedicated fan such as you has already collected most of the snowflakes.

If that 's the case make sure to look at Oaken 's Cloackens in the Dock.

The friendly trader Oaken will have the latest Arendelle fashions for sale to members

And for once,they 're appropriate to the weather outside!

Next one

DJ Fan Art by Penny2415 

By DJ Cadence- WHOA!

This drawing is SICK!

It's like you took all the awesome of a Dance Club party and put it on the page. I LUV how the glow of the turntables shines on the two DJs.

And they 're both rocking some sweet styles. Why not bring your jetpacks to the party, right? Then you 're totes gonna make a big exit.

Thanks so much for sending this in Penny2415. It makes me want to mix a new track on Soundstudio right now!

Great Cadence! I am awaiting for your cool mix. Next ready your mouth to laugh out aloud!


Q.What do you call a mountain with  hiccups?
A. A volcano!

Q.Why couldn 't the orange finish the marathon?
A. It ran out of juice!

Q.Why are waiters good at math?
A They know all the tables!
-Msna 718

Q.Where do librarians slip and fall?
A.The non-FRICTION section!

Q.What 's smarter than a talking dog?
A. A spelling bee!

Q.Why did the snowman melt?
A. It was SUN-day!

Q.What do you call the horse next door?
A. A NEIGH-bor!
-Shaun 65793

Okay guys next!


How to catch a Mullet

Want to land a fish that you won 't have to exaggerate? The enormous Mullet at the end of the Ice Fishing game is the ultimate fishing prize. Here 's the secret to landing it

When you see the Mullet swimming in the background, hook a Fluffy fish but don 't reel it in. Use it for bait! Mullet loves them!
Get it and you 'll earn an extra 100 coins

Sweet! So to catch a Mullet you need to do these steps and taa daa! Yippee!  We caught the Mullet!
See the main point is the mullet appears when you get 40-60 fluffies. Here are some pics which could help you..!


Lol I hope you had great fun viewing our blog and anyway stay tuned for updates

Waddle on!