Monday, 6 April 2015

Upcoming party ideas!

Hey guys, i just wanted to post about some ideas for parties this year so lets get started:

Why not another Penguin Cup? It could be called "Penguin Cup The Revenge!" Penguins have to choose a brand new team and not the same from the last year! Then they have to play against other player like last year! You would be able to unlock new items after every new highscore! Then when you unlocked everything 6 differant colored balls will be hidden around the Island and we have to find them!

Bring back the classics! Why not another Wild Western party where the Penguin band is missing and we have to find them. But nobody could find them! So then the Party will turn into an EPF Party slowly all the mascots are disappearing! Its up to you how will you save them? -The tagline for the Party.

Another Prehistoric Party would not be bad. But this year there will be something new: You can transform into new Dinosaurs and the flying dinosaurs could fly into space! Then you can also to tip the Iceberg with help from a shark that is frozen but moving inside the Iceberg! When they tipped the Iceberg all players, Non-Members & members can adopt an exclusive shark puffle.

Rockhoppers quest: Rockhopper needs our help, he has found something hiding in the bushes but he was too scared to have a look what it is! So you need to build a boat on the Club Penguin island and play a mini game where you have to dodge icebergs and stuff like hydro hopper then you will end up on Rockhopper island! Then Rockhopper tells us his story that something has been hiding in a bush but he was too scared to get it out. So then you have to go to the bush and have a look but then a crab jumps out! You you have to fight with him to get past like in the Pirate Party. When you defeated the crab to click on the bush and a Penguin comes out.... its Rockhoppers brother! Rockhoppers brothers tells you that he has been searching the seas for Rockhopper for years! So he finally found Rockhopper island and hid there so that he can jump out when it is Rockhoppers birthday! So he goes hiding again and we wait a day then we go back to Rockhopper island and he jumps out! Rockhopper is very happy that he finally found his brother and this on his birthday! We celebrate his birthday on the Club Penguin Island.

On club penguin there would be a new event! The Great Puffle Maze! Some puffles got lost in the Puffle Wild. Here you can go and search for the lost puffles but there is a twist there is a maze! You have to get through it! There will be 5 maze rooms! If you need help you can click on the "HINT" button and then a Blue Puffle will appear and will ask your question then you can click on one of the options! Then he will tell you a tiny hint! After you got through the maze PH will appear she thanks you for finding the lost Puffle. You recive her exclusive giveaway background!

Those were my ideas! I hope some of them come true!

Waddle On
-Flip Flap15


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