Friday, 17 April 2015

Club Penguin: Cave maze

Hola guys,

I am giving the cheat to go into the maze. Are you confused? Yet not to worry cause I have written it! The arrows are the way the way to the price room.

This is the route...

Note that in order to open the door into the secret room. In order to do that you need the Miner's Helmet and drill by pressing D.

Remember that the party ends at April 22 so you better hurry and catch up.

The location is at the Dock, maybe the possible same hole that Herbert dig by using the Earthquake Driller though the island in the past.(Mission 8 of the PSA Mission, Mysterious Tremors).

I do believe in my opinion this is far fetched but, as in it is clearly in the same location. Legit right? This first pic was in 2008 the Old CP, ah yes. This second one is now the game now but the hole is a bit more recognize as a maze, Maybe the maze was the same But for now the New CP seems to have a bit of modernity compare to the one at the other one, since it is different of view. It doesn't matter, theories are more of questioned around CP since the beginning, we all know that. Just for now enjoy the awesomeness while it last. Give a smile then let it go :),

That is all for now!
~Rockstar, NPCP Author.


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