Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ready for May?

Hola penguin pals! So are you ready for May? But Club Penguin is already ready for May! They have decided something new in May! Two parties in one month! One in Desktop and another in the Club Penguin app! Club Penguin has even told that in the past it was tough for them to replica the desktop parties in the app. We are gonna celebrate a party for the Rainbow puffles in the app as shown in the sneak peak and the Fair and amazement park in the desktops!

Club Penguin App- When you log in on May 21 to June 3 there will be a celebration for Rainbow puffles!

On the Computer- When you log in on May 21 to June 3, you 'll experience all the wonders of the Fair and Amazement park 

Thats gonna be mega cool! Anyway Stay tuned for further updates

Waddle on!


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