Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Introduction: Rockstar1819...

Hello I am Rockstar1819, known as Rockstar in the army community. Today, I am gonna give updates on armies 24/7 and CP updates. This is my first time as a blogger since in ACP (Army of Club Penguin Website). I am sure you will like the armies and fun in there too... As well in Club Penguin. I used to play Club Penguin and an avid fan of it. Since from the beginning when I was younger I usually loved the update of Club Penguin and the moderators. Nowadays people forget the love of playing this beloved game and today I am starting to give the awesome updates regarding CPNext, Room changes, parties, codes, and loads more. Everyday Club Penguin make changes as the future goes on but I will always give a post with a smile and heart.

Facts about me:
1). I met already several famous Club Penguin icons like. Thinknoodles, Archiyoso and several mascots.
2). I love the army community.
3). I watch anime (not all actually)
4). My favorite Mascot is Gary in Science, Rockhopper for adventures.
5). I live in the Philippines mostly Manila.
6). Pizza lover.
7). I have some knowledge about Club Penguin and it's history.
8). I always had a dream of being a blogger.
9). Lastly I love Club Penguin (started around 2011) :p

This is time to give you awesome updates...
All you ever want to see and smile...
The favorites of Club Penguin...

I am Rockstar, again you're resident blogger of this awesome blog!
< My Penguin used to be before but it was reset by Club Penguin months later. My old account was Rockstar1819 named in CP before.


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