Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Megg & Polo Field Returned To Their Twitter!

Hey guys, Polo Field and Megg returned to their Twitter without saying a word they just returned! But i think that they should do it again when they follow any penguin! That means we could do interviews with them and other stuff. I also think that they should reply to them when we ask them something or when we say something nice to them! So i think Club Penguin is finally listening to the community. It does not mean that they can do anything we want, but we can give them a few tips!
So Megg's twitter changed like this:

To this..........

Club Penguin is returning to their social life! I mean you have to say this is quite special for a virtual world that Moderators even have a Twitter! Well that's all for now....

Waddle On
-Flip Flap15


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