Friday, 10 April 2015

Club Penguin: Times Issue #494

Club Penguin updated the Club Penguin Times. Its 494th issue. Isn't that amazing? :O 

The very first article is "AN INTERVIEW WITH ??????
Here '??????' refers to "Sasquatch". This article is written by Aunt Arctic saying that it may be her most exclusive interview of her career.

More about this article :

 The second article is "THE WILD PUFFLES OF THE WILD"
This article is posted by PH thanking to those who helped. There are some facts about Wild Puffles also. Sounds great!

The third and the last article of Page-1 is "ISLAND RUMORS"
This article is written by Rumor Reporter which contains some rumors about Sled Racer.
Next Pin Hidden: April 16-29

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~Bunny Boy19


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