Saturday, 11 April 2015

Club Penguin: Penguin Style

Club Penguin updated the Penguin Style Catalog for April's party this year.
The main page:

4 New backgrounds for everyone - 60 coins each.

5 new items related to Sled Racer with one secret item.

5 more items with one secret item.

6 Items with 1 secret item.

3 items but no secret item on this page. :(

Another 9 without any secret item.

12 items with no secret items which makes me angry. :/

5 items from Last Frozen party.

5 more.

4 more.

another 4.

4 more items.

6 more items.

And atlast, Penguin At Work which is really an amazing outfit- Water Suit 3000 costs 400 coins.

My favourite item in this catalog is Water Suit 3000. What's yours? Don't forget to leave comments! :)
~Bunny Boy19


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