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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ready for May?

Hola penguin pals! So are you ready for May? But Club Penguin is already ready for May! They have decided something new in May! Two parties in one month! One in Desktop and another in the Club Penguin app! Club Penguin has even told that in the past it was tough for them to replica the desktop parties in the app. We are gonna celebrate a party for the Rainbow puffles in the app as shown in the sneak peak and the Fair and amazement park in the desktops!

Club Penguin App- When you log in on May 21 to June 3 there will be a celebration for Rainbow puffles!

On the Computer- When you log in on May 21 to June 3, you 'll experience all the wonders of the Fair and Amazement park 

Thats gonna be mega cool! Anyway Stay tuned for further updates

Waddle on!

Penguin of the week goes to.....

Howdy penguin pals.. You have been waiting for the penguin of the week. The penguin of the week goes to Mrzero3! Here is the description given by Club Penguin for him:

Mrzero3  has been a dedicated member of the Club Penguin community for a long time. Recently, he 's doing a fantastic job raising awareness for various health issues by organizing parties online,bringing penguins together to have fun for a great cause!


Congrats Mrzero! Now see POTW is the perfect opportunity for you to shine.. Get those 10,000 coins and reach your fame..

Okay guys! Stay Tuned for updates and spectacular things in the future.

Waddle on!

The Ice Palace!

Howdy Penguin Pals! Now I got some exciting news..... The Ice Palace is open! :) Okay lets explore in!  When you visit the Ice palace for the very first time.. Elsa will greet you like this:

Elsa: Welcome to the Ice Palace! Here 's a gift to thank you for visiting.

You get a furniture gift! Its not only for members but for every frozen fan!! You can even see Elsa performing every 4-10 minutes! So you do not need to say I missed the show!

Okay guys! Stay tuned for further updates..

Waddle on!

A new author, A new friend, A new blogger! Sweety56789!

Hey Penguins! I'm Sweety56789 (a.k.a CPsweety56789, Clubsweety56789) and nice to meet you all. I am new here and I am glad I joined. I am playing Club Penguin since 2011. I am happy that I have got a chance to blog here. I love to help penguins and finally my dreams came true! I spend most of my time in the computer by playing Club Penguin,using Photoshop,reading blogs and editing wikis. I give you a vow that I will write my posts with a smile and whole heart.

Something about me
2. I love to blog
3. My favorite TV Shows are Tom and Jerry and The Amazing World of Gumball
4. I joined the Club Penguin community in 2011
5. My favorite Mascots are DJ Cadence,PH,Gary and Aunt Artic
6. I love eating Chicken
7.  My favorite puffles are Pink,Blue,Bunny,Gold,Rainbow,Tabby,Purple and Red
8. I read wikis to know about Club Penguin history and now I am pretty good at it.

Waddle on!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The NCPC: Membership Giveaway

                       ------------------------ O V E R       N O W ---------------------------

Hello Pengs!
According to my last post, we were having a Membership Raffle soon but now I am thinking to cancel it as no one interested in the Raffle.. So, I will pick anyone, and will give that code to him/her.
You can send an Email to me or contact me via Twitter.

Thank you.
~Bunny Boy19

Monday, 27 April 2015

The NCPC: Membership Raffle (Contest)

Hiya! I've just crossed 900 followers on the Twitter. *cheers* Thank you all for your great support.
As I said in my last post, we are holding a '7 day Membership Code' Raffle.
Tweet this to enter. Also, Don't forget to follow our team, me and Graphicboycp.

Tweet: I've entered into the Club Penguin Membership Raffle holding by @ashishgarg191 . Follow him. #RT Blog- #TheNCPC :)

Note: Must be Following me on Twitter to enter successfully.

Good Luck!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

The NCPC: Membership Raffle

Hiya guys! As the title says it all, we are having a Membership Raffle soon in the near future. *cheers*

A big thanks to Valbusa1 aka Graphicboycp. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter.
So, Excited for the raffle? Don't forget to comment your ideas about raffle..
Have fun and stay tuned for more information! :)
~Ashish Garg

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Club Penguin: The shutdown of the UK office and cutting jobs

Recently the Club Penguin community is showing to be declining according to Screenhog, a retired CP worker/blogger (2011),After the stories of CP cutting off jobs losing 30+ employees at Kelowna Office, at the Los Angeles leaving 60+ jobless, It made a shocker via CP Twitter community about us issue widely spread , The UK office shut down despite of the case. Membership sales dropped, Disney Interactive Studios release a statement regarding this one.

“Disney Interactive continually looks to find ways to create efficiencies and streamline our operations. As part of this ongoing process, we are consolidating a small number of teams and are undergoing a targeted reduction in workforce.”

With Screenhog, explaining about the breakdown of the CP Community:

Don't forget to check his blog by clicking here.

If we all work together CP should be back running soon, together we can change Club Penguin a better community
~Rockstar, CPNC Author

Friday, 17 April 2015

Club Penguin: Cave maze

Hola guys,

I am giving the cheat to go into the maze. Are you confused? Yet not to worry cause I have written it! The arrows are the way the way to the price room.

This is the route...

Note that in order to open the door into the secret room. In order to do that you need the Miner's Helmet and drill by pressing D.

Remember that the party ends at April 22 so you better hurry and catch up.

The location is at the Dock, maybe the possible same hole that Herbert dig by using the Earthquake Driller though the island in the past.(Mission 8 of the PSA Mission, Mysterious Tremors).

I do believe in my opinion this is far fetched but, as in it is clearly in the same location. Legit right? This first pic was in 2008 the Old CP, ah yes. This second one is now the game now but the hole is a bit more recognize as a maze, Maybe the maze was the same But for now the New CP seems to have a bit of modernity compare to the one at the other one, since it is different of view. It doesn't matter, theories are more of questioned around CP since the beginning, we all know that. Just for now enjoy the awesomeness while it last. Give a smile then let it go :),

That is all for now!
~Rockstar, NPCP Author.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Club Penguin:Maze Sneak Peek, The Dock.

Hey Penguins!

That's right. From the title above, we have another sneak peek of this unkown maze that we all know about. As of today, I've a huge spolier, so if you don't want the surprise to be ruined, I suggest that you should look away. For those who do want to look, without a further ado, here's a picture of the full maze!

Embedded image permalink

From this picture, you can clearly see that the entrance will be at the Dock. Okay, so here comes the good news that you have all been waiting for!!! You may be thinking ''Ugh...I have seen these pictures time and time again. When do we see the real thing?''/ Well, I've the answer to that question. I can now reveal that this new and awesome update will be arriving to Club Penguin with the updates!! How awesome is that?
What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.
Oh...I almost forgot. Credits to Spikey2007 for the picture as he went to the Club Penguin HQ and manage to get this awesome sneak peak.



Hey Everyone! I excited to work at this blog? So many things are going to happen in the nearby future. I bet you are all wondering who am I? Well, allow me to intorduce myslef. I'm Usmanthegeek, a formal Club Penguin player. I have a Twitter account which is @usmanthegeek so make sure to leave a follow. I even have my own Youtube channel, so why not subscribe?? My hobbies are gaming, texting and most of the time i like to draw or make Club Penguin custom penguins. But beware though, I've only started. Anyway, I would have great fun working at this blog because this blog is going to become succesful.

Okay, so I have introduced myslef and it's time to introduce yourslef. What is your name and what are your hobbies? Let me know in the comments below.


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Club Penguin: Penguin Style

Club Penguin updated the Penguin Style Catalog for April's party this year.
The main page:

4 New backgrounds for everyone - 60 coins each.

5 new items related to Sled Racer with one secret item.

5 more items with one secret item.

6 Items with 1 secret item.

3 items but no secret item on this page. :(

Another 9 without any secret item.

12 items with no secret items which makes me angry. :/

5 items from Last Frozen party.

5 more.

4 more.

another 4.

4 more items.

6 more items.

And atlast, Penguin At Work which is really an amazing outfit- Water Suit 3000 costs 400 coins.

My favourite item in this catalog is Water Suit 3000. What's yours? Don't forget to leave comments! :)
~Bunny Boy19

Club Penguin: Furniture and Igloo Catalog

Club Penguin updated the Furniture and Igloo catalog also. It's April 2015 edition. This time, there's no new secrets in the catalog means no new fun. *lol*
Main Page:

New Igloo: Beach Party Igloo of 1500 coins.

New Furnitures: 7 Furnitures.

4 more Furnitures.

another 5.

So, How's your igloo looks now? Don't forget to show off your igloos! :)
Well, Here's my new iggy!
~Bunny Boy19

Friday, 10 April 2015

Club Penguin: Wild

The Puffle party 2015 is over now but there is a room which is now a permanent room on Club Penguin i.e. Wilds. You can still adopt four Wild Puffles. You can adopt puffles by clicking on them but you should be a member too.

Wilds at map:

Wild room:

How was your experience with Puffle party 2015? Don't forget to leave your reviews in the comments below. :)
~Bunny Boy19

Club Penguin: Igloo Music

Club Penguin added more music for the igloo with this update. The music are related to  Frozen fever Party also. They are really amazing.

Enjoy! Blow up your woofers!
~Bunny Boy19

Club Penguin: Times Issue #494

Club Penguin updated the Club Penguin Times. Its 494th issue. Isn't that amazing? :O 

The very first article is "AN INTERVIEW WITH ??????
Here '??????' refers to "Sasquatch". This article is written by Aunt Arctic saying that it may be her most exclusive interview of her career.

More about this article :

 The second article is "THE WILD PUFFLES OF THE WILD"
This article is posted by PH thanking to those who helped. There are some facts about Wild Puffles also. Sounds great!

The third and the last article of Page-1 is "ISLAND RUMORS"
This article is written by Rumor Reporter which contains some rumors about Sled Racer.
Next Pin Hidden: April 16-29

Any thoughts? Don't forget to comment.
~Bunny Boy19

Club Penguin: Stage

As you may know, Club Penguin got updated yesterday according to IST and there's a new stage. Well, not a new stage... an old stage.. haha! 'The Vikings That Time Forgot' is back at stage after July, 2014. This is third time for this show.



Have fun! 
~Bunny Boy19

My update for the week

Hey Everybody!

Update #1:
The Penguin of the Week is Drums102!
She is an awesome player, helping the needy and start fundraising efforts. How about we should start one too? Share our blessings to the poor and help charity out! 
Drums102 is a charity champion who helps out her local community by donating to fundraising efforts and food drives. She loves to help everyone, which is just brill!

Update #2: The "Snowgies"

That's all the updates for today... Stay tuned for more!!!!! ;D

~Rockstar, CP Blogger

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Club Penguin: Frozen Fever Party 2015 Sneak Peeks

Today, Club penguin posted a sneak peek of a new room on their facebook page which will be available for everyone in `Frozen Fever Party 2015' on 23rd April,2015. It will last upto 6th May,2015 for PC users and 20th May,2015 for app users. See what they posted:

Have a look at room also:

It looks cool. Isn't it? Don' forget to comment :)
Waddle On!
-Bunny Boy19

My Introduction: Rockstar1819...

Hello I am Rockstar1819, known as Rockstar in the army community. Today, I am gonna give updates on armies 24/7 and CP updates. This is my first time as a blogger since in ACP (Army of Club Penguin Website). I am sure you will like the armies and fun in there too... As well in Club Penguin. I used to play Club Penguin and an avid fan of it. Since from the beginning when I was younger I usually loved the update of Club Penguin and the moderators. Nowadays people forget the love of playing this beloved game and today I am starting to give the awesome updates regarding CPNext, Room changes, parties, codes, and loads more. Everyday Club Penguin make changes as the future goes on but I will always give a post with a smile and heart.

Facts about me:
1). I met already several famous Club Penguin icons like. Thinknoodles, Archiyoso and several mascots.
2). I love the army community.
3). I watch anime (not all actually)
4). My favorite Mascot is Gary in Science, Rockhopper for adventures.
5). I live in the Philippines mostly Manila.
6). Pizza lover.
7). I have some knowledge about Club Penguin and it's history.
8). I always had a dream of being a blogger.
9). Lastly I love Club Penguin (started around 2011) :p

This is time to give you awesome updates...
All you ever want to see and smile...
The favorites of Club Penguin...

I am Rockstar, again you're resident blogger of this awesome blog!
< My Penguin used to be before but it was reset by Club Penguin months later. My old account was Rockstar1819 named in CP before.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Games: New Sled Racer Maze!

Hey guys, do you like games well here is one! Its a Sled Racer maze! Club Penguin posted it on twitter.

Embedded image permalink

Here is the original tweet:

Waddle On
-Flip Flap15