Thursday, 2 October 2014

Penguin Style Cheats October 2014

Hey there! How are you?
Club Penguin released the new Penguin Style Catalog. Click "Read More" to know what items it got.

The new Penguin Style catalog contains outfit for upcoming party - Halloween Party.
There are some new backgrounds for your playercard. :)

Four items and no Hidden items on this page :(

5 items and one extra item -  "Black Studded Shoes" *Hidden Item*

Another Hidden item *Trick-Or-Treat Basket* with three items.

Some Face items with one hand *hidden* item *weird* - "Big Lollipop"

No hidden item on this page but have 5 awesome items.

That "Blue Dragon Costume" can be found here *lol* and a hidden item also - "Raven Wings"

More items but no hidden item :(

Aaaaannnndd last but not least.. Penguin at Work - "Baker's Apron"

My favourite item is "The Shadowy Spike" *head item*. What's yours? Let us know by commenting below! :)
Keep Supporting and helping others! :) *Peace*


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