Thursday, 2 October 2014

New Unlockable Code

Hullo! Whats up?
Club Penguin introduced one new code. Click "Read More" to know more about this.

The new code is "2BEHEARD" which unlocks two items.. One is "Red Megaphone" and second is "Orange T-Shirt". This code is launched to prevent bullying. Club Penguin will donate $1 USD , up to $50,000 USD , if you use this code. To redeem this code, follow these steps:
1~ Click on this link and select the desired penguin.
2~ Click "I've Got a Code"
3~ Put "2BEHEARD" in the blank and click "Redeem".
4~ Bang! You got the items. :) Enjoy!

So, Don't forget to use this code.. :)


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