Thursday, 9 October 2014

Igloo and Furniture Catalog Cheats October 2014

Hey guys! Whats up?
Club Penguin launches the brand new Igloo and Furniture Catalog for Halloween's Party in October. Click "Read More" to see the what it got.
As always, there are two hidden items. One is 'Scoop Chair'.

 And second is 'Funky Bookshelf'.

On this page, A new igloo is available for Members only which costs 1800 coins.

Two igloos are back for Halloween this year.

Now, Furniture items :
No hidden item on this page :(

'Dangly Spider' is hidden on this page on moon *as marked in the pic below*

Last page for October's Igloo and Furniture catalog contains one hidden item which is 'Trick-or-Treats' costs 100 coins.

My favourite item in this catalog is 'Pile O' Goo'. Whats yours? Don't feel shy to tell us! 
Waddle on!


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