Friday, 17 October 2014

Club Penguin Times Issue #469

Hello! How are you?

The new issue of Club Penguin Times is out now. Its 469th issue. Click "Read More" for more info about it.

The first article is "BUILDING A HAUNTED IGLOO" by "Aunt Arctic". In this article, she is telling that haunted igloos are one of her favourite Halloween tradition and giving some tips to make igloo eerie. Click "BOO!" to read more about this article.

All the tips to make your own igloo eerie is given here by Aunt Arctic.

The second article is "GARIWALD THE CONTRAPTION CHAP" by "Gary the Gadget Guy". In this article, hes telling that his uncle Gariwald is coming this year again and hes excited and so on.

The third article is "UPCOMING EVENTS".
On Now : SoundStudio *New spooky tracks*
On Now : New Pin *Anniversary Ballons Pin*
On 23rd : 9th Anniversary Party *cheers*
On 23rd : Halloween Party begins *boo*
On 30th : New Pin till Nov. 12th

Excited for Halloween Party? Don't forget to leave comment below. :)
Untill then, Keep Smiling! :)


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