Thursday, 2 October 2014

Club Penguin Times Issue #467

Hi everyone..
The new issue of Club Penguin Times is out now. Click "Read More" to see what it got.

The first and main article is "SCHOOL BUILDING SUCCESS!" by "Student Reporter". In this article, Reporter telling us that building schools was the great success and congratulating us about it.

Click "BREAKING GROUND" to read more from this article. In this, Reporter is thanking rookie for all his efforts and all.

The second article is "HALLOWEEN HIJINKS" by "Aunt Arctic". In this, Aunt arctic is expressing her excitement about Halloween Party this october and told the history of Halloween party on the island. *Amazing*

The third article is "UPCOMING EVENTS"
Oct. 02 - Penguin Style October 2014
Oct. 02 - New Pin (Scout Scarf Pin)
Oct. 16 - Next Pin
Oct. 23 - Anniversary Party *Club Penguin's 9th anniversary*
Oct. 23 - Halloween Party begins *cheers*

So, what you are expecting from the upcoming Halloween Party? Don't forget to share your views in the comments below! :)
Waddle on! :)


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