Saturday, 25 October 2014

Club Penguin : Amazing Quest 3 Halloween Party 2014

Hello readers! how are you all? As you all must be aware that Club Penguin is giving us a chance of solving daily quests! I am here to tell you everything on how do we solve the 'Quest 3' for today! Let's begin :
 To start with today's first task, click the Green Puffle and click Go there!
You will be dropped down in a room which will be full of pumpkins, all you have to do is click those pumpkins and squash all of them up! Your task will be completed :)
 Now, after you have done your spoooooky collection, let's start off the quest two! Here is a tricky maze, just follow my steps to solve and reach to the big red button!

And now, you are finally done with today's quests! Doesn't that make you happy? come back tomorrow to solve the remaining quests!! :)



  1. I knew that since October 23rd.

    1. okay.. good for you! :) well, you can give us sneak peek to us also if you want to! :) We give credits also! :)


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