Friday, 19 September 2014

School and Skate Party September 2014 - Walkthrough

Hey everyone! Everything fine?
Well, School and Skate Party is on island now *celebrations*. Click "Read More" for the walkthrough.

"Hey! I need some help with the school. It's a MESS! Could you pick up the stuff I left before I get in trouble? Don't forget your backpack! Click on this one to get everything you need!"
Click the Right Arrow to continue.

"Once the rooms are cleared up, we'll be ready to build MORE schools in Ecuador, Haiti and India.Click the "OK" Button to proceed.

The one which are Rectangle are the items you MUST CLICK.

"Thank you! The school looks waaaay better! No detention for me!"

CLICK THE Right Arrow to continue.

"Now, we're going to build schools in Ecuador, Haiti and India-and send out over 14,000 backpacks to students. Have this Schoolhouse Igloo to celebrate.

Click "OK" to continue.

Don't forget to Collect those items.. :)
WHAT do you think? Comment yer thoughts, classfellow! :P


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