Saturday, 6 September 2014

Meet Sensei, Cadence and Gary!

Hi Penguins!
The Spanish guys gave us some meet-ups! The last winners from the previous meeting are:  Penguin Jrs9, K0nz and Myster Bo. Click on "Read More" for meet-ups.
Every server language is Spanish, also the time for the meet-up is in PST!

  1. Server Abracadabra at 2PM PST on 6th September. Mascot is Gary.
  2. Server Fresca Melodia at 2PM PST on 7th September. Mascot is Cadence.
  3. Server Amuleto Ninja at 11AM PST on 8th September. Mascot is Sensei.
Don't forget that they are visiting every moment every server, so if you have luck, you'll be able to see one of them. Any thoughts? Comment!


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