Friday, 5 September 2014

EPF Message from Jet Pack Guy : 4th September 2014

Hey pengs! Whats up?
Today when I was waddling on Club Penguin, I got a new message on my spy phone. Click "Read More" to know more about this.
This time "Jet Pack Guy" send us a hilarious message. If you are not an EPF agent, No worries! Become an EPF Agent by following steps mentioned in our guide. Lets see what he says :~

 It reads : "Reporting in. Klutzy spotted in the Wilds. Gonna track him to see where he's headed."
I think Herbert and Klutzy doing something to make the upcoming party worse. What do you think? Don't forget to leave your views in the comments below! :)
Waddle on! :)


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