Monday, 1 September 2014

Club Penguin won't host Medieval Party this year, but November's sneak peeks are starting

Hi Penguins!
Greetz!  I have some confirmed CP information that might be exciting for you. On the Megg's post about the School & Skate party. Click on "Read More" for it!

She has replied to Anna Flo's comment... with some exclusive info!
Probably, we won't have Medieval Party. Nothing is said for October, so that means...  that the tradition is getting back! But that's not all...
I'd want something else than "Spooky" because this might be a joke or something REALLY spooky like ghosts (Do you remember 2012's Halloween Party Transforms? Awesome!). It should be cool, because last year's collecting candy was EPIC FAIL! CP were able to think for something cool, like to transform as ghost and scary some pengys, when it says the eek emoticon, you'd collect candy. I hope the things this year would be better. Hmm, as we see from the first image, something cool is planned, maybe again NINJAS! They weren't back for over than year, we'd like to see something awesome! So, any thoughts? Comment!


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