Monday, 29 September 2014

Club Penguin Times Issue #466

Hey Penguins!

Flappy1233 here! Giving you the latest Cheats! Well, last week, CP released the CP Times, Issue #466. I was lazy and kinda busy. Sorry Newest CP Cheats Fans! :( But, please continue reading, Penguins!

Well, a Student Reporters reports Good News for the Students of the Club Penguin University. Students were up for the challenge and cleaned up the mess Rookie made in the University and Skateboard Park, Pizza Parlor, etc. Now, we get to play, Dodgeball! :D

Gary has wrote about a combination of Science & Art. Gary was excited to see the new Science Lab Room in the Club Penguin Univeristy. He went alongside his Puffle, Darwin. Gary wanted to examine the experiments but Darwin was more interested with paints in the Art Room.

And, Gary made a new invention, Paintbrush 3000! It uses the state of-the-art technology to paint in hyper speed! WOW! :O

Here are the upcoming Events:

Oct.9  Furnitue & Igloo Catalog

Get eerie decorations for your igloo!

Oct.9 Stage
The Stage will be haunted by...THE LIVING SLED!

Well, there is a mystery on hand now! If you notice, the Penguin is actually Grey. Do you think we have a new color being released? :O

 Now, time for the comic! :)

LOOOOOL! Well, this comic is SERIOUSLY funny! Rookie is a Teacher and marking the Exam in Science. And, a Yellow Penguin scored a Tomato. And, a Red Penguin scored a Roller skate. The Yellow Penguin asks who is marking it? Rookie did a fart on the chair. Bet Mr.Chair is like "YUCK!" DISGRACEFUL!

Well, what do you think? Comment yer thoughts!

Until Then,

Waddle On!



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