Thursday, 18 September 2014

Club Penguin Times #465

Hello! How are you all?
The new issue of Club Penguin Times is out now. It's 465th issue. Click "Read More" to know more about it.
The first article is "SCHOOL IN SHAMBLES" by "Student Reporter" *sounds weird..Isn't it?* 
In this article, He tells that the party is here now and something strange.. Let's wait for the bottom of the article. :)
 This article continued...

The second article is "SKATEBOARDING 101" by "Rookie".
In this, he says that he is learning some new skateboard tricks and in last line, a joke. *lol* :D

The third and last article on Page -1 is "ISLAND RUMORS" BY "Rumor Reporter"
The herbert will be back soon... :O

I think it's the clue for next upcoming party. Let's wait and watch.. umm.. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below! :)
Keep Rocking. :D


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