Saturday, 13 September 2014

Club Penguin: Penguin of The Week: Pinga0913

Hey Penguins!

Every Friday, a Club Penguin Moderator named Daffodaily5 selects Penguins who deserve to become Penguin of the Week! So, this week, Daffodaily5 selected a Sweet Girl called Pinga0913! Please continue reading, Penguins! :)

This is what Daffodaily5 had to say about Pinga0913:

"This week's POTW is a worthy winner; Pinga0913 is a kind, thoughtful and considerate online friend, always willing to help her buddies out and send nice postcards when they're feeling blue. That's in addition to having a good eye for igloo design, always being up for some EPF role play and giving new players EPIC tours! Great stuff! :)"

Here is my opinion:

Yes, Pinga0913 is a worthy POTW. She helps her friends a lot and her Igloo is so GREAT! A Cottage with a River in which she can fish and relax in her free time! :P And, she is a very great EPF Agent! Great to hear. :) We don't need Herbert OR Klutzy to melt our Island! :(

Until Then,

Waddle On!



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