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Monday, 29 September 2014

Club Penguin Times Issue #466

Hey Penguins!

Flappy1233 here! Giving you the latest Cheats! Well, last week, CP released the CP Times, Issue #466. I was lazy and kinda busy. Sorry Newest CP Cheats Fans! :( But, please continue reading, Penguins!

Friday, 19 September 2014

School and Skate Party September 2014 - Walkthrough

Hey everyone! Everything fine?
Well, School and Skate Party is on island now *celebrations*. Click "Read More" for the walkthrough.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

New Pin

The new pin is out now. Click "Read More" to know more about it.

Club Penguin Minor Updates

Have you checked Club Penguin yet? If not, check it fast! Click "Read More" to check some minor updates.

Club Penguin Times #465

Hello! How are you all?
The new issue of Club Penguin Times is out now. It's 465th issue. Click "Read More" to know more about it.

Rookie Meetup Times

Hey guys! Whats up?
So, The School and Skate Party started and this time Rookie is coming for fun. Click "Read More" for his meet-up times.Club Penguin blog made a post about it. The timings are :

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Club Penguin: Penguin of The Week: Pinga0913

Hey Penguins!

Every Friday, a Club Penguin Moderator named Daffodaily5 selects Penguins who deserve to become Penguin of the Week! So, this week, Daffodaily5 selected a Sweet Girl called Pinga0913! Please continue reading, Penguins! :)

Your new Arabian Author

Hey Penguins!

Click "Read More" to know more about me..

Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Igloo Music

Heya! Whats up?
Club Penguin just updated the Igloo music. Click "Read More" to see what are they.

Club Penguin Times #464

Hey guys! Everything fine?
The new issue of Club Penguin Times is out now. Click "Read More" to see what it contains :

Igloo and Furniture Catalog Cheats September 2014

Heya! Wassup?
The brandnew Igloo and Furniture Catalog is out now. Click "Read More" to see what it got :~

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Federflink1 retires from CP

Hi Penguins!
Sad news for the CP Community! The German Blogger, Federflink1 retires! Click on "Read More" to continue reading...

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Meet Sensei, Cadence and Gary!

Hi Penguins!
The Spanish guys gave us some meet-ups! The last winners from the previous meeting are:  Penguin Jrs9, K0nz and Myster Bo. Click on "Read More" for meet-ups.

New Club Penguin code: CELEBRA5 (Unlocks 5th Spanish Anniversary Party Hat)

Hi Pengys!
Thanks to our new administrator Olwan and FerdTheBird I have learned about this. Club Penguin have released new code. Click on "Read More" to continue reading about it!

Friday, 5 September 2014

New Penguin of The Week: Roxy6449

Hi Penguins!
Supsta dubsta today? I am back with some awesum posting <33. Click on "Read More" to check out what Daffodaily5 has said for our new and awesome POTW!

EPF Message from Jet Pack Guy : 4th September 2014

Hey pengs! Whats up?
Today when I was waddling on Club Penguin, I got a new message on my spy phone. Click "Read More" to know more about this.

Sensei, Rookie, Aunt Arctic, Cadence, and Gary Waddling Around Club Penguin

Tato Maxx, Club Penguin’s main Spanish blogger, is hosting some festivities to celebrate five years of Club Penguin in Spanish! Several mascots are waddling around the island today, Thursday, and also tomorrow.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

New Author

Hey guys! I guess I could say I'm a new author for this blog, let me introduce myself. Click "Read More" to know more about me.

New Coin Codes

Hey guys!
Club Penguin recently released three new codes. Click "Read More" to see more about this post.

Penguin Style Cheats September 2014

Hiii... Hows going?
The new Penguin Style Catalog is out now. Click "Read More" to see more items...

Club Penguin Times #463

Hey there! Wassup?
As you may know, Club Penguin Times Issue #463 is out now. Click "Read More" to see what it reads.

New Stage

Heya!!!! Whats up?
Club Penguin recently updated the Stage and umm wait.. Click "Read More" to read more about it! :P

Minor Updates

Hey guys! How you all?
There have been two minor updates at Club Penguin. Click "Read More" to check it out.

We are online and posting!

,Ashish Garg, CpthebestCP and Olwan are online. We are posting at the moment, and in a few hours everything would be done.

P.S. Tinypic is down, so no worries if you can't see the images.

Monday, 1 September 2014

The NCPC's App Review!

Hi Penguins!
Just today, a few hours before an update, I have decided to make a video. Don't worry, you won't need to download anything, we'll try updating remotely. So, if you are new to this, remember to check out the vid! Click on "Read More", please!

Club Penguin won't host Medieval Party this year, but November's sneak peeks are starting

Hi Penguins!
Greetz!  I have some confirmed CP information that might be exciting for you. On the Megg's post about the School & Skate party. Click on "Read More" for it!