Sunday, 31 August 2014

The NCPC's App V1.2 soon!

Hi Penguins!
These days, along with site updates and winning membership I was updating our app to V1.2 . It's not done still, because I am adding some special features to it... I have no images because I am coding still, but I hope that everything would be done soon! Please, continue reading!
Sooo - here's what coming on!
  • New, Android Friendly guides
  • New music
  • Bug fixings
  • Design renewal
  • Our Extras on Android
  • Special Android feature.
Due our app is getting bigger, it needs more resource, so if you want our guides on your phone, you should meet the following parameters:
  1. Android 3.0 or higher
  2. At least 1GB of RAM
  3. At least 1 GHz processor or faster
These are the recommended, but the minimum are Android 3.0 and at least 512MB of ram, but there may be lagging problems, also the new special Android feature won't load for you.
Any thoughts? Comment!


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