Sunday, 31 August 2014

The NCPC app v1.2 for Android has been released!

Hi Penguins!
In the last 24 hours I've been working on our app. Not only new design and good pages, but more! Go now to and download it directly on your device, now on "Read More" for features!

The main interface.

The new features help me to send notifications !global - just like a CPPS command. Sadly, I can send only to the first 998 devices (I've got 1 app on my phone, also I got one on my Android Windows Emulator, so now 998 left). Let me review briefly the features - we got some music, the pin tracker auto connects with our website, also the trackers. The NCPC got something we'd like to get here - a slideshow of the Now Trendings for our mobile app. It does not need to update your app for no things, only for the music, however only on updates we'll show you. Note that our app is adapted for portrait mode, not landscape, due it's Android - Friendly. It's recommended to show only in this mode! Also, on update, I'll send using !global notifications for you, also if we get a new post. If be become annoying for you, you can disable the notifications from the app's settings. 
The header-dashboard, displayed on every page.
When you click on the small gray triangle, you will check all features available for the app!
The falling menu.

There are bugs, like our Twitter is blue, and the refresh icon is not seen (I was unable to fix them, I'll give a try once again and I'll send a global notification). To refresh our Twitter, simply move your finger from header to footer and that should appear:
So, what do you think? Comment!


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