Friday, 29 August 2014

Reviewed by You: Frozen Music

Hi Pengs!
Long time no see, Reviewed by You! Finally, you are back! Please, continue reading with "Read More"!

If you don't know what Reviewed by You is, I'll explain. This was a weekly post, just like a section in CP Sharing. Weekly, one of the Club Penguin Bloggers (usually Polo Field) posts the best answer of the previous Reviewed by You question. The penguin, which gets featured, receives 10,000 coins and the next question is in the review for the previous question.
So, seems that is back! This topic is "Frozen Party Music". You should share your favorite  Frozen Songs and it is recommended why you love them, what do you feel while hearing them... Everything awesome! So, what do you wait? Go on the Polo Field's post here , give your opinion and win these 10,000 coins! Don't forget to share with us, too ;)


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