Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Puffle Wild Sneak Peeks!

Hi Pengs!
Thanks again to Trainman1405, we are delivering this to your favourite website, The Newest CP Cheats! Check out the rest, via clicking on "Read More"!

Here's what he has said:
Club Penguin is soon to release a new app called Puffle Wild. While a release date is still unknown, it seems like it will be sooner rather than later as more information about the app has been found by V0rtex. As per V0rtex’s request I have watermarked the images. You are free to use these images on your blog however I cannot give out unwatermarked ones. Sorry folks!
Anyway, here is what you can do in Puffle Wild:
-ACCESS ALL the unique puffles, each with a special power
-OPEN ALL the power platforms, and use puffles to help blast O’berries
You will be able to login to your penguin in the app, and if you are a member you will unlock the following extra features:
-ACCESS all future updates, including bonus levels, power-up perches and more
-TAKE ALL puffle creatures back into the Club Penguin app 

Here's an image again by him:
 Here's the artwork interface:
Seems cool! What do you think? Comment!


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