Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Polo Field accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge, also Spike will host the party

Hi Pengs!
Suppy-duppy? I have some funny news, haha. Hahaha. HHAHHAHAHAHAH. Okay, anyway. Click on "Read More" for more.
So, as you know, there is a challenge. The challenge is to donate to the cause at alsa.org within 24 hours of being nominated or... get ice water dumped on you. Many famous people were challenged to do this, like the founder of Facebook (I have forgot his name), also the US president Barack Obama. Barack has rejected to cover with water, but he promised to give the money. Okay, we are not New York Times, so on the topic. Polo Field and Megg were starred in a video and Polo accepted this! He covered himself with fresh icy water. Here's the image:
Huhuhahahahahuh. You can check out the video at http://clubpenguin.com/blog. So, what's that party which will be hosted by Spike? It will be an ALS Awareness Party. Here are the details:
  • 1:00am PST on the Server Fog
Hehehehuhuhuihehehe I made a meme for this video. Check it out:

Hahahahaha, I will put this on our meme page! Comment your thoughts :)


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