Thursday, 21 August 2014

Frozen Party 2014

Hi Guys!
How's it going? I am glad to announce that the Frozen Party is here! I am so happy <33. Click on "Read More"and let's get started!
When we sign in, it shows awesome login screen!

 When we enter in CP, we'll see a message from the Frozen Film Characters!
Now they'll tell us about the room freezing - how it goes! We should throw special snowballs.

When you click on the snowflakes, you collect them. For the moment (about 23:00) they are not counted, but in a few hours, everything may be fixed. So, when you click on the snowflake icon, near the moderator one, you'll see your tasks. First one is completed and the igloo is for all players. Click on "Collect"!
When you collect snowflakes, you'll be able to get items! When you got the all 21 flakes, you'll be able to collect the items from the rooms and the puffle Olaf, the snowball and to transform as Olaf or Marshmallow. Click on the arrow near the up tasks, so you can check out more items!
There's a new view of the map. Check it out!
Seems there is a bug with the DJ3K records... Hmmmmmm.... Okay, anyway. SO. As you can see, right behind the forts, there's a new room - Elsa's palace. When you click on it, you'll receive a message "The Ice palace will be opened in 5 days." but you can try to login in it, when you click here. Sooo.... you can transform as Olaf or Marshmallow using the snowflake in the top right corner and do special moves with "D"and "W" from your keyboard. And last, but not least - there are three new special party emotes.
What do you think about Frozen Party? Comment!


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