Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hi Penguins!
Exclusively, for you guys, I was searching around the Club Penguin's files, and thanks for the reminder by Pen50gi's post, I found something exclusive! Click on"Read More", please!
So, as we can see, it'll be about for school, and we know this from this image:
Hmm,  in one json file, we see... This:
The Party is like Back To School, but in the CPMag is the Class of 2014! That's odd.  Okay, so, these were the SFXs. Next, seems the party will start on... 17th September! Give a look on this:
The timestamp seems to be like: YY/MM/DD, used by that logic means 2014, September 17. I have checked my Windows calendar and... 17th September is Wednesday, the same day's evening the party is coming!
And last, but not least - the background, seems there will be a skate park on the School's back! 
 Looks awesome! Two new backgrounds - a pizza one and skate one, that'd be cool! Sadly, I have exams on 18th, 3 days after I start school and I'll post SOOOO late, and I hope that another author will do the posting before me. So, any thoughts? Comment!


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